Thursday, November 8, 2012

Swindler being Swindled


Tadi after kelas and after habis past2 kertas past yr midterm computer security aku plan nk balik bilik.. Nk rehat.. Tp time kt area antara E0 engineering and Cafe Edu ada sorang mamat NEGRO tahan aku.. Dia tanya mna KICT.. Tp yg x boleh blaaa apa yg dia ckp b4 tu..

Swindler: Salam brother
Me: Waalaikumsalam
Swindler: Oh! You r Muslim?? I thought you were Indian
Me: (^_^) yes i'm a Muslim.. *dalam hati, org india pun ada jg yg Muslim okay, for example my GRANDPA*
Swindler: Can you show me where is KICT?
Me: *pointing to KICT's direction* Over there..
Swindler: Can you come with me and show it to me please..
Me: errmmm... *then dia terus tarik tangan ku, mmg dh x boleh nk ckp apa la*

So the story continue..
Time jalan dalam area Engineering tu sempat la juga b'bual2.. But time ni naluri menyatakan mamat ni nk TIPU DUIT ku a.k.a nk pinjam then terus menghilangkan diri.. Tp aku play along je la since i was bored and i want to see what kind of technique he want to use to swindle my money.. So perbualan dlm perjalanan tu dia ckp dia PUASA.. Dia PUASA sbb mama dia SAKIT.. Which is the 1st step in swindling.. MAKE PEOPLE PITY YOU.. Ok, aku dngr jak la.. Dia cakap mama dia kerja as a lecturer dekat one of the university d Singapore.. Bapa dia Black Canadian.. Mama dia Singaporean.. And dia only child dlm family dia.. Plus, he said dia student Kulliyyah of ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENTS, stay kt Mahallah ALI.. Dia minta aku tolong teman p KICT sbb dia ckp org x faham slang English dia.. Dia ckp “people said my English are britian English, not many people can understand it”.. Tp from what I can hear, he was using common African English slang.. Well budak2 UIAM mesti dh lali kn dgn slang English Africa..Dia just guna slang British English time dia ckp org ckp dia gn slang British… Hahaha.. Which I found to be VERY FUNNY.. Nmpk sgt slang “paksa”.. Mcm org yg not very familiar dgn slang british but trying to use it.. Which is out of place here and there.. Tp aku layan je la sbb aku tgh bosan.. Try to fool me, so I fool him back.. By logic klu nk p KICT via Engineering Department dr E0 tu kena la go through E0 à E1 à E2 then dr sebelah lif E2 tu pergi ke KICT.. Tp kt E0 tu dia nk pergi keselekoh tmpt area mahallah perempuan tu.. So aku betul kn la jalan.. Then dia cakap “Sorry I forgot the way”.. NOTE: take note dgn ayat dia ni..

And the time kt depan simpang tu aku tunjuk la kt dia KICT tu.. Nk suruh dia p sendiri.. Tp dia paksa juga aku ikut.. Dia ckp “This is my first time here”.. (Remember apa yg aku suruh TAKE NOTE kt atas, sila bandingkan dengan apa yg dia cakap sekarang).. Tadi cakap “lupa jalan”, skg ckp “1st time here”.. How could you “lupa jalan” is this is ur 1st time here.. Tp aku ikut je la, play along.. Time ni la baru dia tunjuk MOTIF UTAMA DIA.. hahaha.. Dia ckp dia mahu jumpa kawan dia which is a lecturer.. Orang Somalia.. Nama kawan dia USMAN/OTHMAN (bunyi either these two la).. Dia mahu jumpa kawan dia sbb mahu PINJAM DUIT KT KAWAN DIA.. Then dia cakap “If I couldn’t found my friend, can I borrow your money? I need to go to Singapore to meet my sick mother”.. Well, aku just angguk kepala jak la sbb it’s getting more and more exciting.. Hahaha.. Dia dh mula kn second stage swindling dia.. By this time aku dh bt calculation on what he will do next.. My calculation were:

1        1)      Dia ada try cari kawan dia
2        2)      Tapi kawan dia xde kt KICT
3        3)      So dia pinjam duit dr aku sbb x jumpa kawan dia

These were what I expected.. Hahaha.. Time sampai KICT tu dia terus masuk dalam RESEARCH CENTER.. Dia tanya org dlm tu klu USMAN/OTHMAN ada.. Org dalam tu blurrr2 jak.. Dia cakap xde lecturer nama Usman.. Mamat negro tu terus cakap “oh that’s okay” then dia terus tgk aku.. Tp belum sempat dia mahu cakap, brother dlm research center tu ckp “let me take a look 1st”.. And in the end ada sorg Prof nama Usman.. Office dia kt Level4 IS department.. Time tu muka dia mmg PRICELESS.. Hahaha.. It was like *HUH THERE IS SOMEONE NAMED USMAN HERE???*.. Time ni aku mmg dh excited gila sbb plan dia doesn’t goes as what he planned.. Aku p la tarik dia p level4 IS department tu.. Hahaha.. Ada je lift kt tepi tangga tu tp aku p naik TANGGA.. That way we could have A LONG TALK.. Dr level1 ke level4 naik tangga.. Throughout naik tangga tu he kept on stressing that IF WE COULD NOT FIND HIS FRIEND, I SHOULD LEND HIM MONEY… Hahaha.. Aku angguk kepala jak la then ckp “But I only have RM3 in my pocket right now”.. Then he said “SHIITTT!!”.. Hahaha.. Aku rasa over excited pula, mcm aku pula yg jahat ni.. Hahaha.. Well he tried to fool me, so he deserve that.. Lepas tu dia cakap “You could cash out money from the bank can you?”.. So aku jawab “errmmm yes I could cash out money”.. Aku x tipu pun ya, mmg aku boleh cash out money, but I didn’t say I will cash it out and give it to him.. Hohoho..

So sampai je kt Level4 IS Department mmg muka dia cuak dia.. Well of course la dia cuak kn, ada org nama USMAN kt KICT..  Then kami tanya sister kt depan kaunter tu.. Then dia ckp errmmm I don’t know anyone with the name USMAN.. Terus cerita muka mamat negro tu.. Aku ckp la “aren’t there anyone with the name USMAN or something similar to that”.. So sister tu ckp “wait here, I’ll ask the other staff”.. So kakak tu p la cari  sister lain, then sister tu ckp “are you looking for Prof xxxx Usman?” Then mamat negro tu ckp “No I’m looking for a lecturer not professor”.. Kakak tu dh blurrr dh.. Then mamat negro tu senyum and cakap “That’s okay, let’s go”.. So kami keluar la and dia pun start la cakap whether it is okay if I could lend him money.. MEMANDANGKAN SESI SWINDLER DIA DH KT FINAL STAGE, aku pun memulakan la sesi KASI CUAK DIA.. hahaha..

Time kt dalam lif tu I lure him to let his guard down.. And start to say that I don’t have much money in my bank account.. Saja cakap mcm tu sbb mahu tgk reaksi dia.. Dia ckp dia nk pinjam duit utk tambang teksi dr UIAM ke Johor… Bila aku cakap aku xda byk duit kt bank, dia ckp la “errmmm, then could you lend me money to go to KLIA, I will pay it back to you on Monday”.. Dalam hatiku *you think that I’m a fool or something*.. Td cakap nk minta bayar kn teksi ke Johor, tp bila aku ckp kurg duit, dia minta bayar ke KLIA pula.. Can you see the connection here?? Can you see what wrongs with his statement?? Well, dia cakap dia xda duit and mahu pinjam duit ku utk p Johor, but then tukar pula ke KLIA sbb aku ckp aku “kurg” duit nk bg pinjam dia.. CAN YOU SEE IT NOW?? Hahaha.. Klu dia dh xde duit nk p Johor sampai ke tahap nk pinjam duit org, then WHY ON EARTH HE WANT TO GO TO KLIA?? Nk beli tiket mmg dh xde duit la kn.. Ke dia nk p tipu org kt sana pula..

Lepas tu aku ckp la kt dia, “Maybe we should go to the Finance Division, They might be able to lend you some money.. I know some of the staff there.. Do you want to go?? Well, they should be able to help  IIUM student regarding money-related problem, and this is an emergency”.. (sebenarnya aku x kenal sapa2 pun and I don’t think Finance boleh bg duit mcm tu je kt student~~that is if he really is an IIUM Student).. Terus muka mamat tu panik gila, then dia cakap “That is okay brother, I’ll try to ask from someone else”.. Dia dh nk lari dh.. But time ni aku dh excited sgt and I don’t want him to go just yet.. I’m having so much fun at that time.. So aku ckp la “errmmm I think there is an ATM machine here somewhere”.. Then dia ckp “yes there is, it’s over there, could you cash out money and lend it to me”.. Then dia start tunjuk jalan p ATM machine tu.. Hahaha.. Tadi dia cakap “This is my FIRST TIME HERE”.. Tp tau pula dia kn mana ATM Machine.. Aku yg dh byk kali p KICT pun xtau mna ATM Machine tu.. Nmpk sgt penipu mamat ni..

Time kt KICT tu aku ada nmpk two familiar faces… One of them bdk Sarawak… Dia tgh kt dalam tmpt ATM tu.. So time baris kt luar tu aku p la buat FINALE ACT.. Aku ckp la kt dia fasal Finance Division lagi.. Aku cakap “Are you sure you don’t want to go to Finance Division?? I could ask them you know, I know some of the staff there.. I could ask for their help.. Let’s go there”.. Then dia ckp dgn muka panik “that’s okay brother, if you don’t want to help me it is okay”.. So aku ckp la “I am helping you, I’m helping you by showing you the way to Finance Division”.. Then dia ckp “That’s okay, I’ll try to ask someone else”.. Then dia blaaaa… So aku tunggu member Sarawak tu keluar dr “kotak kaca ATM” tu and sapa dia… hahaha.. Lepas tu aku balik bilik… Hahaha..

MORALE OF THE STORY, I might look like someone who is easily fooled by other, but you are a fool if you think that way.. Hahaha.. I’m not easily fooled.. Try to fool me, bare the consequences.. Hahaha.. I’m someone who could make Shin'ichi Akiyama (Liar Game) cry…  

ANOTHER MORALE OF THE STORY, Don’t believe people blindly especially strangers.. Although “bersangka baik” tu amalan yg baik, tp sometime you have to have doubt..

Sunday, May 15, 2011

To Sir With Love

~~I dedicate this song TO ALL MY TEACHERS~~ ~~and everyone that ever teach me~~

 Those schoolgirl days, of telling tales and biting nails are gone,
But in my mind,
I know they will still live on and on,
But how do you thank someone, who has taken you from crayons to perfume?
It isn't easy, but I'll try,

If you wanted the sky I would write across the sky in letters,
That would soar a thousand feet high,
To Sir, with Love

The time has come,
For closing books and long last looks must end,
And as I leave,
I know that I am leaving my best friend,
A friend who taught me right from wrong,
And weak from strong,
That's a lot to learn,
What, what can I give you in return?

If you wanted the moon I would try to make a start,
But I, would rather you let me give my heart,
To Sir, with Love

Eru - Countrifies and Immature ~ LYRIC

Countrified And Immature

사랑하나봐 이제야 아나봐 너뿐인가봐 너여야만 하나봐
saranghanabwa ijeya anabwa noppunin-gabwa noyoyaman hanabwa
이런건가봐 이제야 알겠어 세상에 하나뿐인 사랑이라는걸
iron-gon-gabwa ijeya algesso sesange hanappunin sarangiraneun-gol

오랜만이란 너의 짧은 인사에 촌스럽게 눈물이 나왔어
orenmaniran noye jjalbeun inse chonseuropge nunmuri nawasso
할말있다는 어제 너의 전화에 자연스럽게 그러자고 하고
halmaritdaneun oje noye jonhwae jayonseuropge geurojago hago

미안하다고 다시 만나자고 한다면 늦은 거라고 하려 했는데
mianhadago dasi mannajago handamyon neujeun gorago haryo henneunde

사랑하나봐 이제야 아나봐 너뿐인가봐 너여야만 하나봐
saranghanabwa ijeya anabwa noppunin-gabwa noyoyaman hanabwa
이런건가봐 이제야 알겠어 세상에 하나뿐인 사랑이라는걸
iron-gongabwa ijeya algesso sesange hanappunin sarangiraneun-gol

혼자 걸었던 길을 둘이서 걸어 유치하게 손을 놓지 않고
honja gorotdon gireul duriso goro yuchihage soneul nochi an-ko

잘한일이야 잊지않고 기다리던일 잘된일이야 다시 만난일
jalhaniriya itjian-ko gidaridonil jaldweniriya dasi mannanil

사랑하나봐 이제야 아나봐 너뿐인가봐 너여야만 하나봐
saranghanabwa ijeya anabwa noppunin-gabwa noyoyaman hanabwa
이런건가봐 이제야 알겠어 세상에 하나뿐인 사랑이라는걸
iron-gon-gabwa ijeya algesso sesange hanappunin sarangiraneun-gol

이제 다시 너의 곁에서 눈을뜨고 눈감을수가 있겠지
ije dasi noye gyoteso nuneultteugo nun-gameulsuga itgetji
좋은날에 나쁜날에 기쁜날에 슬픈날에도 기대고 싶은
joheunnare nappeunnare gippeunnare seulpeunnaredo gidego sipeun
사람은 단하나
sarameun danhana

마지막이야 언제까지나 사랑 할사람 사랑해야 사람
majimagiya na onjekkajina sarang halsaram sarangheya hal saram

사랑하나봐 이제야 아나봐 너뿐인가봐 너여야만 하나봐
saranghanabwa ijeya anabwa noppunin-gabwa noyoyaman hanabwa
이런건가봐 이제야 알겠어 세상에 하나뿐인 사랑이라는걸
iron-gon-gabwa ijeya algesso sesange hanappunin sarangiraneun-gol

Thursday, April 7, 2011

How Many TImes You Want It Tonight???

hahahaha... kinda addicted too this pervert-like song... hahahaha.. nice beat too
the singer is the same age as me
which make me feel like "I should act more mature"
kinda depressing
a guy with the same age as me and as hot as me can get more girl around him than me
but i don't have the lyric and translation
if you want it, you have to look for it yourself

Chin, i know i'll lose if we fight over DARA
but i ain't taking any step back's ON..
~~just joking~~
we could share her
~but are you sure you don't want CL~

Friday, October 22, 2010

Raise From The Death~~~


Finally, i can open my blog.. i don't know that's the problem with my blog b4 this.. But who care.. ALL I CARE is my blog live again.... Huhuhuhuhu...

But right now i'm not in the mood for any update.. the only update i wanna give is I'M FADE UP... I'm fade up... Fade Up.... (-_-")

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Waka Waka - Shakira

You're a good soldier
Choosing your battles
Pick yourself up
And dust yourself off
And back in the saddle

You're on the frontline
Everyone's watching
You know it's serious
We're getting closer
This isnt over

The pressure is on
You feel it
But you've got it all
Believe it

When you fall get up
Oh oh...
And if you fall get up
Oh oh...

Tsamina mina
Cuz this is Africa

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka Waka eh eh

Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa aa
This time for Africa

Listen to your god
This is our motto
Your time to shine
Dont wait in line
Y vamos por Todo

People are raising
Their Expectations
Go on and feed them
This is your moment
No hesitations

Today's your day
I feel it
You paved the way
Believe it

If you get down
Get up Oh oh...
When you get down
Get up eh eh...

Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa aa
This time for Africa

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka Waka eh eh

Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa aa

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka Waka eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa

Friday, June 4, 2010

Banci Penduduk

Ermmmm..... aku pun xtau la mau tulis apa utk post kali ni... agak blurr ni... *writer block*... cewah, bajet penulis ppular ni sampai kena WRITER BLOCK...... hahahahahaha........ xpa kn sekali-sekala b'imaginasi.... *mcm la kamu semua x pernah bt*....

ok.. tetiba aku dpt idea yg agak "kurang bernas"... xpe.. kn skg xde idea... so aku nk bt satu survey yg aku pernah bt kat facebook.... aku pun dh lupa soalan2 dia... so i guess xpe la kot klu bt survey tu balik kn..... huhuhu...... ok survey ni memerlukn aku list down 20 org yg aku tgh fikir or yg t'lintas d fikiran ku...

~~ni soalan dia~~
"Name 20 people you can think of off the top of your head.
Do not read the questions until you write"

ok here are the list m'ikut urutan...
1. Mama
2. Abah
3. Kakak
4. Azim (adik ku)
5. Azam (adik ku jg)
6. Dashir
7. Erna Eriana
8. Hafizah Fatin
9. Mustaqim
10. Mimie
11. Romelia a.k.a Lalla
12. Fedrick
13. Qutrunnada
14. Najwa
15. Arian (automatic lepas ingat Najwa ingat terus Arian)
16. Awra (automatic lepas ingat Arian terus t'ingat Awal Ramadhan)
17. Hafidz (t'nmpk nama ko time tulis post kat Twitter td)
18. Aven (mls nk letak but t'paksa letak)
19. Arhiem (buka Twitter t'ingat pula bdk ni)
20. Kak Peah (tgh rancang b'kongsi masalah kat FB)

ok susah jg ni nk cari 20 org ni... but akhir nya... ni la hasil dia... ok for the FUN PART... here come the questionS.... mari kita lihat sapa yg kena.... OMG~~~ excited mau jawab ni.. aku pun dh lupa apa soalan dia... kejap nk copy paste soalan...

~~1 minute later~~

How did you meet 14?
- x pernah jumpa lg ya... walaupun satu universiti... dia selalu nmpk aku but aku x pernah nmpk dia...

What would you do if you had never met 1?
- she is my mother... klu x jumpa mama, x lahir la insan yg b'nma zaim...

What would you do if 20 and 9 dated you?
- no 20 tu maybe kot... br lepas ni b'kongsi masalah... hahahaha.... kak peah jom kita date kat Mamma Mia next sem.... abh terus ni kita d jeling2 oleh president MISI... m'jerit2 dia "NO SCANDAL IN MISI PLEASE"... hahahaha....
- no9 tu.. OMG~~~ mus kau mau date dgn aku ka??? hahahahahha.... bah cousin2 jg... asal kn kau belanja aku ON jak tu mus... hahahahahahaha........

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple?
- hahahahahahaha.................... kejap aku nk p toilet... x thn asyik ketawa dr td.... ~~3minutes later~~ Good couple??? hahahahha... ok fine.. dorg lelaki ya... and as far as i know dorg straight.... tp xtau la klu dorg tetiba tukar selera...... hahahahahahaha.. *Peace No War*

Describe no 3.?
- sweet.. caring... all in all.. a good sister... *bah, belanja kfc lepas ni*

Do you think 8 is attractive?
- OMG~~~ mau d jawab ka ni??? tidak blh KIV??? hahahaha......

Do you know anything about no 12's family?
- Nope..... Dia tinggal kat indonesia.... So aku pun xtau pasal family dia....

Tell me something about 7.
- kawan sejak form2 lg..... paling ya... SUGAR MAMA..... tiap kali dtg sekolah mesti bawa satu pek gula2.... hahahahaha... ingat lg ni time dulu byk bdk2 lelaki kat kelas tu berebut gula2... *aku x b'rebut ya sbb aku x suka ambil brg org walaupun d bg*.... hehehehehehe.... tp agak lawak la jg time tu... br je lepas sms ngn dia... waaaaaaaa.. I MISS YOU BEBEH~~~ *statement hot*.... ahhahahha......

What is no 18's favourite?
- ANNOY PEOPLE.... and mayb strawberry i guess....... oh ya.. and cooking... mayb sewing... *never ask him about that but mayb he like it too*.... all in all, all a GOOD WIFE should know.... hahahahhahaha............. *EAT THAT*

What would you do if no 11 confesses that he/she likes you?
- i will say this out loud "ARE YOU LOSING YOUR MIND" hahahaha.... relax kau lalla... jngn kau menangis t'esak2 sana......

What language does 15 speak?
- Obviously INDONESIA...... well, he kinda my 1st real indonesian friend....

Who is 19 going out with?
- I don't know.... he an indonesian... so how should i know... i never been to indonesia b4... never meet him b4.....

How old is 16 now?

-21...... i'm +ve about this.... *WOW, br sedar ni... byk jg indonesian kat dlm list ni*

When was the last time you talked to 13?
-ermmmmmmm........ aku pun x ingat.... bila kita last skype????

Who is no. 2's favourite singer?
- tough one.. erm.... ???????? i don't know... so many... all the 80 & 90 singer... between that era....

Would you date no 4?
- NO!!!!! he my brother & i'm not gay... sumbang mahram..... muahahahhahaha......

Would you date no 17?

- OMG~~~ sengal jg soalan ni... kenapa la kena kat kau..... aduiiii...... x mau... x mau... x mau..... hahahahah.. no hard feeling...... :-p

Is 15 single?
- not sure.... hari tu ada... but skg ada org ckp da dh break ngn GF dia.... skg xtau la status dia apa.....

What is no 11's last name?
- ?????????? sorry x tau.... selalu panggil nma glamour je.. LALLA....

Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 10?

- WAAAAA~~~ Twin ada kah patut survey ni suruh kita couple.... x patut... kita kn Twin......

Which school does 3 goes to?now?
- dh hbs sekolah.. skg dh kat ums.... paling ya....

Where does 6 live?
- Sipitang....

What is your favourite thing about no 5?
-kuat b'cerita... dh la mulut x padan ngn umur... umur br 8 thn.. tp klu ckp ngn dia mcm ckp ngn org tua.. xde cover2....

AKHIRNYA HABIS JG JAWAB SURVEY NI......... hahaha... gila punya survey.....

Friday, May 28, 2010

Nasi Goreng Cili Padi

*Time aku tulis post ni dh jam1.54A.M waktu Malaysia*

Wah~~ Wah~~ Wah~~ *mcm pelik jak sebut benda ni*.. hahahaha.. sebenarnya aku pun xtau mau tulis apa ni... but saja2 jak ni sbb boring xtau mau bt apa... huhuhu...

kenapa tajuk post ni NASI GORENG CILI PADI??? Jawapan dia senang je.. sbb aku suka makan nasi goreng cili padi... hahahahaha... sedapp... lg pedas lg sedap.. lg b'api telinga lg best..... OMG!!!!!!!! br perasan ni.... kat blog ku lg byk pelawat dr USA b'banding Malaysia... Cisss... d mna kah semua rakyat Malaysia semua... kenapa USA pula yg berada kat ranking 1.... xpe2... mari la malaysia cepat serbu blog ku *aku dh tukar ni tulis BM ~~ walaupun BM pasar*.... Pasar apa?? PASAR SENI.. yaa jom kita ramai2 p pasar seni beli DODOL... hahahahah..... Yum~~ Yum~~ Yum~~

Tetiba aku jd lapar bila tgk gambar dodol tu.. xpe... nnt esk pagi la makan.... ESK PAGI??? bkn aku tidur jak ka pagi2??? hahahaha... opssssss.. t'kantoi d situ... hahahahahha...

Pagi: Tidur
Malam: Bangun (online) ckp klu kita p study over-sea, 1st tu susah nak adapt ngn time line dia... tp aku rasa la.. klu aku pindah over-sea *let say Europe~~ Norway* aku rasa aku xde masalah ngn time line tu.. ahahha... tgk aktiviti harian ku pun dh tau kn.. klu p sana... terus betul ni... hahaha.. Pagi aku bangun Malam aku tidur................

OK JAUH LARI DR LANDASAN NI.... Nasi Goreng terus jd Over-sea pula... By the way aku mmg study "over-sea" pun...... Nape?? X percaya??? Well, let me do the math.... ahhahaha... aku tinggal kat sabah... study kat IIUM kat gombak which is kat semenanjung Malaysia... klu nk p sana, aku kena rentas LAUT CHINA SELATAN... bkn kah "over-SEA" tu..... hahahahaha... laut china selatan pun LAUT jg... so pendek kata, aku mmg study "over-sea"...... hahahaha... betul kn???? ada cmmt.. x puas hati.... :-p

Ok sekali lg lari dr landasan.... xpe la.... dh alang2 t'lari dr landasan... Jom kita b'lari lebih laju lg..... lari tepi landasan keretapi.. jom sapa mau join??? marathon kat tepi landasan keretapi... tp landasan keretapi apa class... jom lumba kat landasan LRT... br mantobzzzzzz........ hahahahahaha.....

Ok mmg dh tahap critical ni lari dr landasan... b'balik ke cerita Nasi Goreng Cili Padi...
Ermmmm...... SAYA SUKA MAKAN NASI GORENG CILI PADI...... Sbb dia sedap..... ermm.. tu je kot.... (^_^)y

*Habis tulis jam2.15A.M~~ ok tidur dulu*

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tom Tom Bak

Tgh duk renung2 tilam ku then t'fikir something... "Kenapa ada gmbr teddy bears pula ni??"
hahahahaha... 2 ekor beruang yg duk sebelah2 mcm adik ngn abg....
Bukan aku yg pilih tilan ok... So jngn salah kn aku ada gmbr beruang2 ni... hahaha.... i'm not gonna say "Cute bah tu".. but i'm also not gonna say "I hate it"... Aku kat atas pagar. harap2 xde angin.. nk duduk kat atas pagar jak x mau jatuh mana2 belah.. then again... klu pagar tu ada dawai tajam???? sanggup ke nk b'diri atas pagar??? jeng3.... klu mcm tu aku terjun kat part "Cute bah tu"... hahahahahahaha....... *angkat kening sebelah*

Aku m'carut apa ni???? (o_O")
aku sendiri pun x fhm... ahhahaha.. ko yg duk bca dr td faham ka??? *klu kau foreigner, sorry ya, post kali ni aku tulis bm*

kenapa aku tulis bm pula ni????????? biasanya english... jeng3... misteri2... XDE MISTERI PUN!!!!!!!!!!!! ni sbb ada sorg "GRAMMAR POLICE" on the lose... aku jd mangsa dia *mode sedih air mata meleleh* (T^T)

siapa kah yg sanggup bt aku mcm ni??? KAU LA... yes YOU.... *only apply to ORG TU*..... *utk org lain, jawapan mcm ni*.. ada la sorg mamat ni.. korg x payah tau la.... hahahahahaha...

best gak tulis m'carut entah apa mcm ni.. *harap2 parent ku x baca~~ kak klu kau bca JANGAN BGTAU ABAH AKU UPDATE BLOG YA* huhuhu.. sekali-sekala nk gak tulis cam ni.. asyik duk post lagu.. duk post benda2 serius... and not to mention JOURNAL....... hahahha.. ketawa sendiri ni bila baca JOURNAL2 klu kat blog... gila ni.....

xpe... STOP kat cni je la... kang tulis panjang2 org x baca gak.. buka je page nmpk panjang terus CLOSE TAB...... cam siot ya sapa yg bt tu... *aku pernah gak bt mcm tu :-P*

ok next post aku nk tulis pasal TWITTER la pula..... muahahahhaha..... Until that time.. See you!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Age

I have been living for 20 years, 0 months, and 135 days.
My age in months - 240 months
My age in weeks - 1062 weeks
My age in days - 7440 days
My age in hours - 178560 hours
My age in minutes - 10713600 minutes
My age in seconds - 642816000 seconds
I've seen 6 leap years.